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Interview with LIBERTEAM 2012 - Gov. Gary Johnson, Judge Jim Gray, CPA Steve Collett

Former Gov. Gary Johnson (NM), Retired Judge Jim Gray (CA), and CPA Steve Collett discuss issues of marriage, money and marijuana. 

Topics include 

-Vice President Joe Biden’s comments on gay marriage on Meet the Press

-Support for a federal income tax exemption for DC residents unless and until they have full representation in the U.S. Congress

-Regulating and controlling marijuana like wine

Gov. Johnson and Judge Jim Gray accepted the Libertarian Party nominations for President and Vice President in Las Vegas on Saturday, May 5, 2012.

Steve Collett is a Libertarian candidate for California’s NEW 33rd Congressional District.

With over 70 percent of the delegate vote, former Gov. Gary Johnson of New Mexico won and accepted the 2012 Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination in Las Vegas, NV.

DC PRIMARY: April 3rd.

Don’t like your choices?


ROSEANNE wants you to Occupy the Green Party and write her in for President.

RYHUT wants you to Fight for Freedom for our District and write him in for Shadow Senator.

While you’re at it, write in yourself or someone you know.

More info:

www.dcboee.us - DC Board of Elections and Ethics

www.ryhut.org - Fight for Freedom, Live Free and Love

www.roseanneforpresident.com - Occupy the Green Party


@RickSantorum studying up on @MittRomney policy positions 


Context. (Related.)

(photo via, h/t @GrahamDavida)


RYHUT IS ME presents:

Gov. Gary Johnson at the Libertarian Party of California - 2012 Convention of Delegates

March 3 - Ventura, California

RYHUT IS ME on YouTube

Gov. Gary Johnson Visits Los Angeles Liberty Headquarters

Sunday March 4, 2012

*Libertarian presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson tours Los Angeles Liberty HQ with Libertarian congressional candidate Steve Collett (CA-33rd)

*Gov. Johnson meets volunteers for Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul

*Gov. Johnson joins a discussion on liberty, the power of the people, the two-party system, and the drumbeat for war with Iran

*Volunteers for Rep. Ron Paul make calls to Hawaii, whose caucus is March 13, 2012

*Gov. Johnson and Steve Collett endorse each other in the 2012 elections

Produced by RYHUT, www.ryhut.us, in association with Sam Sabzehzar

RuPAUL for President??: “Live Free or Die!”




RuPaul is not Ron Paul.

The best.

“You. Betta. VOTE!”

Virginia is for Lovers, not for Haters.


Insider Trading: Legal for Congress. Sent Martha Stewart to Jail.

Download the poster pack

Author’s note: The image of Martha Stewart does not condense well, as in this small display image. It looks fabulous printed on a poster.

Reports of a Hater-on-Hater beat-down in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota despite Mitt Romney’s cash advantage over Rick Santorum in the GOP presidential race.

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